Security Certification Print

As evidence of the strong commitment to continuous improvement, FM was awarded in January 2009 with the Certification of its System of Safety and Health care of Workers OSHAS18001 (IIP certificate No. 7 Italian Institute of Plastics, downloadable from Download area of our website).

This certification allows its staff, its customers and generally all business partners, to know the hard work spent by FM S.r.l. within the Security circle; efforts made to increase the care to prevention and to control workplaces, to minimize the risk of accidents, to increase the staff satisfaction and to improve the working atmosphere.

The international standard BS OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) defines, in fact, the modes by which a company identifies and assesses risks related to its activities, in order to better manage them and improve their own performances, as well as making systematic testing, knowledge and awareness of all possible risks involved in situations of normal and extraordinary working activity.

The achievement of this important certification, represents for FM S.r.l. the development of a virtuous course that shows the will to strengthen a business ethics aimed at protecting people, at the proper management of all aspects of production and at the environmental protection.

Certificato IIP BS OHSAS18001 - IIP Certificate BS OHSAS18001

Certificato IQNET BS OHSAS18001 - IQNET Certificate BS OHSAS18001