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"Plastic is the future of technological applications.

Our task is to spread its qualities in order

to encourage more and more its application

respecting the environment "

F.M. Vision argues that in the future of industrial applications, thermoplastic materials will be increasingly present, thanks to great steps in technology made by raw materials in the last few years.

Our task is to spread this culture among customers and try to make them aware of the potentiality of thermoplastic materials and encourage actions of metal-replacement.

This of course, making everyone know that it is possibile to design articles in thermoplastic materials respecting the environment.

To pursue its VISION, four key points are essential and necessary: we can identify them with "4I".

INNOVATION: which must become a modus operandi;

INTERNATIONALIZATION: only with your presence in the world, you can gain experiences, knowledge and be always in the right place at the right time;

INFORMATION: at 360°, both outside and inside the company;

I.C.T. - INFORMATION AND COMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY: data processing system are essential to break down barriers of time and distance, reaching faster goals by sharing necessary information to carry out your own work.