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Each Disk Pack was born after years of improving studies and cooperation within ceramics, in order to meet all requirements and to solve problems caused by different types of enamel and cabins.

FM experience of FM in the field of enamelling, guarantees to the customer the appropriate technical advice, in order to select the right Disk Pack according to the cabin, enamel, tile and effect to obtain.

Spare parts and a series of accessories complete the range: they facilitate the assembly and improve the Disk Pack functionality, according to cabin and enamel.


A revolutionary Disk Pack that allows any type of glazing, also on structured tiles.
It completely revolutionizes the concept of enamelling that goes from spray nebulisation
(enamel transformed into micro drops) of conventional disk packs, to impact nebulisation
(enamel transformed into a fluid vein)


  • Total Removal of fog in the enamelling department

  • Removal of Lines of Memory

  • Optimal enamelling penetration (also in structured tiles)

  • Simplified Management only two models adapted to each cabin

  • Saving Energies: thanks to low weight

  • Improved Disposal and Recycling