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FM - Environment certification
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In December 2010 FM obtained the environmental management system UNI EN ISO 14001 which joins the other already obtained certifications: i.e. the Quality (ISO9001) and Safety (BS-OHSAS18001) ones. This document gives evidence to the fact that the company has an appropriate structure that monitors its activities' environmental impact while improving them systematically in a coherent, effective and above all sustainable way.

General principles, underlying the development of a  complying attitude, are: the search for better technologies with low environmental impact; the reducing of nonrenewable resources consumption; innovative design for products recycling; discharges reduction both in air and liquid processing.

Specifically, FM aims to minimize, or completely ban the use of substances (chemical or not) that may be harmful to people and to the environment, choosing the best alternatives where possible. Moreover, during the creation of new products, technicians and designers, consider from the very beginning (since the drawing board) factors such as safety, quality and environmental impact.

Another purpose of FM is to extend the concept of environmental awareness: the policy in favour of the ecosystem protection is also spread through suppliers who must consider these principles during their everyday activities. This sharing of values is possible only through a company policy that tends to establish long term partnerships with suppliers, helping them everyday to create a system focused on health and safety care.

The achievement of this important certification, represents for FM the development of a virtuous path that testifies the desire to improve a business ethics aimed at protecting people, at the correct management of all aspects of production and at environmental protection. Quality, Safety, and Environment Certifications show a strong will and awareness towards important issues oriented to ensure a quality of life for the Future.

icon Certificato IIP UNI EN ISO14001 2004 - IIP Certificate UNI EN ISO14001 2004
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